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Homes in Chico, Durham, and Forest Ranch

Hello and welcome to the “ChicoLaura” website & blog!

Thank you, Chico, for the honor of being voted a “Best of Chico Real Estate Agent” !

(Chico News & Review reader poll)

“ChicoLaura” is one of Chico’s biggest fans!

City of TreesCity of Roses…  These are two “pet names” for our lovely little college town.  Nestled in the Sacramento Valley between the Sierra Nevada range to the east and the coastal range to the west (about 90 miles north of Sacramento), Chico is home to California State University at Chico (CSUC) as well as the world-famous Sierra Nevada Brewery (with it’s charming restaurant, outdoor patio dining and “Big Room” concert venue).

In December of 1981  I moved to Chico sight-unseen from San Diego to raise my two sons (Gabriel and Kiel), and I’ve been in love with the place ever since.  Prior to moving here, I didn’t even know about Bidwell Park (the amazing 3600-acre park (named for founder John Bidwell) running right through Chico, complete with the sparkling Big Chico Creek), truly the crown jewel of Chico.   If you are a nature lover, few towns can compare in opportunities for outdoor activity.

In creating and maintaining The ChicoLaura Website, our goal is to provide the reader with interesting information and photos about our unique town as well as offer an easy way to search the net for real estate.  In addition, we love to “blog” about Chico people, places and things.  So be sure to check out our BLOG when you have a few minutes to peruse our “Musings on Life in Chico.”

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Chico area, we are happy to help.  We’d love to hear your feedback on our web site and will gladly address any questions you have about our special “Chicotown” or Chico real estate!


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